But what am I drawing?

I am an artist with an overflowing imagination, curious about others, resourceful and constantly looking for places and ways to help life take back its rights. Maybe I swallowed a rainbow when I was little ? Whatever the stories that inspire my drawings, whether I make them up or I heard them, as soon as I put my pencil to paper, I draw colorful worlds where everything is intertwined, often with a touch of humor.

I don't remember swallowing a rainbow when I was a kid, but I did eat a lot of pink shrimps. Maybe that's why I see life in pink. Or maybe seeing life in pink and making fun of myself or others, nicely and always with lots of luuuuve, is a civic act to help keep the violence of the world out of me.

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My life in drawings

Inspired from my show "A spoonful of silence"

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